Portals                       2008


Thirty glass globes are disbursed throughout the gallery in clusters of three. Each globe contains a speaker and an small led light. The speakers emit sounds and the leds light up in response to the volume of the sounds.

Each pod is broadcasting a different sound. The sounds have been gathered by thirty different participating collaborators. The collaborators were instructed to gather sounds from their everyday lives.

In theory, thirty viewers could be simultaneously having thirty different auditory experiences from the lives of thirty collaborators.

To read the instructions given to sound gatherers, click here.



Jason Amstutz, Matt Baumgartner,
Aaron Brown, Karen Farrell,
Scott Filbin, Michael Folliett,
Jessica Fisher, Chad Goodpastor,
Jamie Goodpastor, Jens Johnson,
Nate Krupko, Ramah Malebranche,
Janet Moxness, Jean Jacques Myard,
Andrew Najarian, Michael Parenteau,
Thomas Pine, Eric Pulson,
Julia Rogers, Larry Rogers,
Wren Rogers, Frank Smith,
Stacey Suver, Mark Taylor,
Greg Tunison, Brendan Ward,
Javier Yoacham.

....... portals

"Portals".. 2008 ...blown glass, steel, PC, sounds gathered from participants


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Instructions Given to Collaborators:

Sound Gathering Project :

I am collecting sounds from willing contributors for an up coming installation.

I need to receive all gathered sounds no later than March 10, 2008.

The mission of the work is to expose and explore the discrepancies (and uniqueness) of each person's experience of the world.

I am expecting to receive a wide variety of sounds from a wide variety of people.

I want you to think of you life, and sounds that may be specific to your experience.

Maybe it is your strange sounding car, maybe it is the alarm you wake to, maybe it is you mumbling incoherently

to yourself, maybe it is you crunching on your morning toast with npr in the background. It doesn't have to be set up and

contrived. Just everyday sounds of your experience. It could be the sound of lighting a

cigarette, your dog howling, your printer, or your wife snoring. I am asking you to sum up your entire existence in a one minute sound clip. Not really but...

it can be anything.

Be creative. I want sounds of experience. I could gather sounds myself, but I think the piece will be much

stronger with actual sounds from actual people (other than me).


The sounds will be played inside 11" glass globes hung from the ceiling with openings for the ear at ear height. The result will be a tiny sound

environment. I hope to have about thirty in the gallery, so that thirty people could, in theory, be having thirty separate auditory experiences

at the same time in the same room. I know this happens every day with all the cell phones and ear buds, but the difference is,

even though the thirty people will be having different experiences, they will also all be having the same experience, which is the

experience of the artwork.


Gathering Sounds:

The best way to gather sounds will be digitally. I have a small digital voice recorder that I use all the time. If you live in Carbondale, you can burrow mine.

If you don't have one of these devices, you might own a digital camera. Most digital cameras take short movies with sound. You can forget that it

is a camera and use it as a sound recorder. Digital files can easily be sent to me via e-mail. If you don't have the devices above, maybe you have a tape

recorder (remember those). I process tape into a digital file no problem. Whatever it takes, I need your sounds.


If this is something you want to do, please e-mail me to let me know you are

interested so that I know who is working on the project.

Ideally the clips should be 10 1 min. long, but I'll take whatever you are willing to gather.

I can't guarantee that I'll use ever last clip submitted, but I appreciate any effort.

I need to receive all gathered sounds no later than March 10, 2008.

Thanks so much,


Send files to:


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