What Should I Wear? Where Should I Go? What Should I Eat?.... 2007





While peering through the peephole of a bedroom door the viewer gets a glimpse into the life of the artist. A repeating video loop shows three decisions being made, what to wear, where to go (driving a car), and what to eat (in line at a restaurant). The footage depicts actual decisions being made in real time, the outcome of these decisions was unknown at the time of the taping.

The decision making video has been projected onto the back of a dice tumbling device constructed of glass. The resulting image has a foreground of dice eternally tumbling and a background of decisions being made. The audio track (sound of dice tumbling slowed down) can be heard through the door.

The dice represent the ongoing series of chance events called life which the artist (an everyone) resides in.








Video as seen through peep hole. ......................................... Video at original projection speed.


dice ..... dice





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