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Point of View  II       2009


Two seven foot diameter geodesic domes are in different parts of the gallery. The first dome has an interior light that is wired to a switch. The switch is actuated when the viewer (viewer A) picks up a helmet hanging on the outside of the structure.

The helmet has a camera mounted on the front. As the viewer experiences the inside of the sphere, which is covered with mirrors, everything he/she looks at is projected onto the second dome in another part of the gallery. Other viewers, who are in the other part of the gallery have the experience of seeing what "Viewer A" is seeing only it is distorted by the fidelity of the camera and irregular surface it is being projected upon.


"Point of View II ".. 2009 ...mixed media

povII povII povII
povII povII povII
povII povII povII



Self                           2009


This piece consists of a seven foot cube constructed of steel and two-way mirror. The lighting is constantly changing. When the lights outside the cube are on, the lights inside the cube are off. As the outside lights dim, the interior lights brighten and vice versa.

If the viewer is inside the cube when the exterior lights are on, he/she can see through the mirror and into the gallery. This viewer can see other people outside the cube (who can't see in). When the lights shift and the interior becomes lit, the viewer only sees themselves reflected infinitely in the mirrors.

If the viewer is outside the cube when the exterior lights are on, he/she sees the gallery reflected in the cube. When the lights shift and the interior becomes lit, the viewer sees into the cube including any viewer on the inside (who can't see out).



"Self".. 2009 ...silvered glass, steel, motorized dimmer switch

self self self
self self self
self self self

"We live together, we act on and react to, one another;

but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves."

                            -Aldous Huxley





Portals  II                 2009


Sixteen glass globes are mounted on a white brick wall. Each globe contains a speaker and an small led light. The speakers emit sounds and the leds light up in response to the volume of the sounds.

Each pod is broadcasting a different sound. The sounds have been gathered by thirty different participating collaborators. The collaborators were instructed to gather sounds from their everyday lives.

In theory, sixteen viewers could be simultaneously having sixteen different auditory experiences from the lives of thirty collaborators.

To read the instructions given to sound gatherers, click here.




"Portals II ".. 2009 ...blown glass, wood, wiring, speakers, PC

portII portII PortII
PortII PortII portII
portII portII PortII


Collaborators include:

Jason Amstutz, Matt Baumgartner, Aaron Brown, Karen Farrell,
Scott Filbin, Michael Folliett, Jessica Fisher, Chad Goodpastor,
Jamie Goodpastor, Jens Johnson,Nate Krupko, Ramah Malebranche,
Janet Moxness, Jean Jacques Myard, Andrew Najarian, Michael Parenteau,
Thomas Pine, Eric Pulson, Julia Rogers, Larry Rogers, Wren Rogers, Frank Smith,
Stacey Suver, Mark Taylor, Greg Tunison, Brendan Ward, and Javier Yoacham.



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